Thursday, 1 August 2013

Malaysian FDC - Malaysian Salad - 25 July 2013

Malaysian Salad - Issued 25 July 2013. Depicted in the stamps are four types of salad. There are winged bean ( kacang botol ), pennywort ( pegaga ), stintbean ( petai ) and cashew nut young leaves ( pucuk gajus ). Younger generations do not realize the importance of consuming local salad during meals, as they contain lots of vitamins , trace elements and anti-oxidants and if consume regularly can bring about good health. Parts of certain local salad plants such as their flowers, fruits, seeds, rhizomes, shoots or young leaves can be eaten raw as side dishes with rice. Local salad is an appetizer that can enhance one's appetite.  In Malaysia, there are many types of rice salad that are almost forgotten or no longer popular especially among people in town and in particular among the younger generations because there are many fast food to replace them.

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