Sunday, 8 December 2013

Malaysian First Day Cover - 100 Years Of Banking Excellence - 23 Nov. 2013

1.   100 Years Of Banking Excellence.  For the RHB Banking Group, the centennial celebration of RHB Bank Berhad is a time to step back and reflect on a journey of transformational progress.  Happened to be the country's oldest and first local bank began with the incorporation of the Kwang Yik Banking corporation a hundred years ago on 15th. July 1913.  RHB was formed when Kwang Yik and DCB Bank Berhad merged in 1977.  Two years alter in 1999 Sime Bank Berhad formerly known as UMBC Bank was merged into RHB.   This was followed by Sarawak-based Bank Utama Berhad four years later.

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