Monday, 25 May 2015

Old Stamps Of Norway ( Europe )

The postal system of Norway dates back to 1647, when the private company Postvesenet was established   ( now Posten Norge ).  The first postal marking was a cancellation introduced at Oslo in 1845.  The first postage stamps was issued in 1855 and depicted coat of arms of Norway.  In 1871, Norway introduced its first stamps with a posthorn design and stamps of this type with periodic redesigns have been in use ever since.  When Norway was occupied by the Germans, British and French  forces in Northeast Norway established field post office that operated until withdrawal  in June 1940.  The government in exile based in London, issued stamps for the use of Royal Norwegian Navy and the Merchant Marine.

1.   ISSUED 1914


3. ABOVE STAMP - ISSUED 1907 - 1918

4.   ISSUED BETWEEN 1877 TILL 1920

5.   ISSUED BETWEEN 1877 TILL 1920

6.   ISSUED BETWEEN 1877 TILL 1920

7.    ISSUED BETWEEN  1922 TILL 1949

8.   ISSUED BETWEEN 1922 TILL 1949



11.   ISSUED IN 1943


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