Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Coins Of Nepal


Nepal covers an area of 147 181 sq.km and is sandwiched between China to the north and India to the west, south and east.  It is a diverse land-locked country. The name Nepal was derived from an old Sanskrit word Nipalaya which means " at the bottom of the mountain " .  History of Nepal started with the emergence of the Kirat period around 800 BC  which saw the ruling of 29 kings and lasted for 1 225 years and the first king was called Yalambar or Elam. This was later followed by the Lickhari and Thakuri period, then by the Mula period and finally the Shah period.  The present President of Nepal is Ram Baran Yadau and former Maoist rebel leader Pushpal Kamal Dakal is the Prime Minister.

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