Thursday, 5 June 2014

Malaysian Commemorative Cover - Melacca ( Malaysia ) And Jogjakarta ( Indonesia ) - City Of Museums - 24 May 2014

1.    Melaka and Jogjakarta Commemorative Issue - City of Museums - Issued  on the 24th. of May 2014. In the 14th. century, a Hindu Prince by the name of Parameswara from Palembang, Indonesia while fleeing from the Javanese army finally landed in a place which is now known as Melacca.   Due to its strategic location, it managed to attract foreign traders from all over the world and finally became an international trading post.  Its fame attracted the Portuguese to conquer it in 1511.   The last Sultan fled to Johore and established a new Kingdom there. The Portuguese controlled Melacca for almost 150 years before it was captured by the Dutch in 1641.  Through the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, Melacca was given to the British in exchange for Bencoleen in Sumatra, Indonesia. Ruled by the Japanese in 1942 till 1945, it was returned to the British until the independent day on the 31st. August 1957 and became part of the new Malaysia on 16th. September 1963.   Shown here is a Malaysian Commemorative Cover depicting the various museums in Melacca which bear testimony to the various era of colonizations where else the ones in Jogjakarta Indonesia are the remains of the Dutch colonial era.

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