Thursday, 5 June 2014

Malaysian Commemorative Issue - 40th. Anniversary of Malaysia China Diplomatic Relationship - 31 May 2014

1.     The 40th. Anniversary Of The Malaysia China  Diplomatic Relationship  - Issued 31 May 2014  ( 1974 - 2014 ). After the foundation of Melacca in 1400, Parameswara quickly established a strong relationship with China with the arrival of Admiral Cheng Hoe in 1405.   Ming the ruling Chinese Dynasty at that time, warned the Siamese and the Majapahit not to invade or interfere with the newly formed Sultanate and this enabled the Kingdom to flourish as an international trading port due to the Chinese protection. This was the beginning of the first diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and China which lasted for more than a century until the Portuguese took control of the land in 1511.  In the context of the present era, the late Tun Razak the 2nd. Prime Minister of Malaysia who happened to be the father of the present Malaysian Prime Minister, created history by becoming the 1st. Head of State in Asia to visit China and fostered a diplomatic relationship.   40 years later his son Dato ' Najib the present Prime Minister secured and strengthened  the already existing ties by visiting  China recently.   The Commemorative Cover depicts the two Prime Ministers standing side by side with hands together.

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