Monday, 8 May 2017

Old Stamps Of Spainish Islands Of The Philippines - Part 1 ( South East Asia )

In 1767, the
1st. post office was established in the city of Manila as a new postal district of Spain encompassing Manila and the rest of the Philippines archipelago. The Philippines joined the Universal Postal Union as a sovereign entity in 1922. Early Spanish stamps were limited to the officials of the government, dignitaries and priests of the Catholic Church. The establishment of the 1st. regular mails and stamps on letters was made in 1853 which depicted a profile of the effigy of Spanish Queen Isabela II. Later all stamps bore the figure of Spanish King Amadeus and King Alfonso III. Stamps King Alfonso III as a child were circulated by the Spanish until its fall in 1898. The revolutionary government issued 14 different stamps to be used in the Philippines upon the occupation of the Philippines by the United States in 1906 as a result of the Spanish-American War. Most stamps were printed with "  Philippine Islands - United States " Upon the inauguration of the Commonwealth Government  in 1935, all stamps of the Philippine Islands of the United States were printed with the word " Commonwealth ".  In 1941, when Manila was captured by the Japanese, stamps of the Japanese made for the Philippines were printed and issued then. After the war in 1946, new stamps were released using the word Philippines and later Filipinas which marked the independence of a new republic.           


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